10Pcs 1.6Meter Disposable Tablecloth Eco-Friendly Alas Meja Pakai Buang 环保桌布
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  • Reduce Cost
  • No more laundry
  •  Improve efficiency
  • Environment friendly

Introducing :

  • The Eco-friendly disposable tablecloth can help you reduce expenditure and improve your dining table setup efficiency
  • The Eco-friendly disposable tablecloth is a revolutionary new product which is low in cost and durable in use. With its low cost, you do not need to send your table cloths to laundry services anymore
  • As it is not made of plastic, it is degradable therefore environment friendly
  • Suitable for 4 feet round or square table


The Patented technology makes our tablecloth:

  • Non-toxic, odourless and degradable
  • "Locking" water or oil to the spot. Making wiping away spills easily


  • 含有纳米层,防水锁油,无渗透,一擦就干净,整洁卫生
  • 节省人工,提高翻台率
  • 安全无毒,环保可降解
  • 备有多款花纹与尺寸,营造各种节日气氛,提高品牌形象



  • 适用于4尺圆形或方形餐桌
  • 铺台时,一次铺5-10张,既美观又大方
  • 收台时,将最上层的环保桌布桌布连同其上的食物残渣一同清理
  • 收完台后,餐厅立马洁净如新

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10Pcs 1.6Meter Disposable Tablecloth  Eco-Friendly Alas Meja Pakai Buang 环保桌布 

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